How does renting work.

You are looking for a rental property in Amsterdam. How does this process work?

You are looking for a property in the area surrounding Amsterdam. A real estate agent cannot just help you find a suitable property, but also make sure that you can rent easily and in a reliable way.
How does the process work? Renting a house is done in five steps: providing a request and determining the search criteria, selecting homes by inspections, negotiating terms, drafting a lease contract agreement and handover of the keys.


On the basis of a request that is as detailed as possible, we will get to work for you. Are you looking for an apartment in the city centre or a family home in a quiet location? Does it need to be furnished or do you plan to ship your own furniture? How many bedrooms do you need? In what price range are you looking? Once we have determined your requirements, we will setup an appointment for a house hunting tour. We will conduct a search in the entire market to maximize your options and show you as many suitable properties as possible.

During the house hunting tour, we take plenty of time to show you through the homes and answer all of your questions. Often we will also plan a second viewing to make sure that the property meets all of your needs.


When a match is found between a house and a tenant, a proposal is drafted which includes the rent, a starting date of the rental period and a rough estimate of the total rental period. A number of specific requirements can of course be included in the negotiations. Any counter proposal is then discussed. Once an agreement has been reached, the lease contract is drawn with an official English translation as needed. The rental contract agreement will include all of the agreements that were made.


When the contract is signed by both parties and specified payment is received, the keys can be handed over. A digital inspection report will be made including photos to capture the state of the property when it is handed over. Even after handing over the key, we continue to be involved as a source of information for both tenant and landlord. In case of any problems in the home, the tenant can always contact us. We can also offer additional service and information in contracts regarding energy suppliers or internet cabling companies.

When you want to rent a home, the property can be unfurnished or furnished.
What is the difference?


An unfurnished home means that it will have a number of basic fittings such parquet or laminate flooring, wall to wall carpet or floor tiles. In addition, there should be curtains or blinds installed in the house or apartment. Basic light fittings are also to be fitted in an unfurnished property as well as a washing machine and a tumble dryer if possible. Finally, the kitchen is to have fixed appliances such as a cooktop, extractor fan, a refrigerator and an oven or microwave.


The contents of a furnished home include much more than those of an unfurnished home. A furnished home is to include everything from cutlery to bedding. Tenants basically only need their suitcases to move into the House. The previously mentioned items for an unfurnished home should be present in a furnished home, supplemented by furniture such as lounge room furniture, TV, dining set, bed(s), cupboards and light fittings. In addition to furniture there should also be linen, crockery and cutlery and other kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Costs for the use of these contents are included in the rental price.


For a furnished home, an inventory list is often made before commencement of the rental period. This list includes all removable items included at the rented property. The inventory list is checked during handover of the keys and if necessary accompanied by photos included in the inspection report.


Tenants often wonder what is more economical, unfurnished or furnished? The advantages of an unfurnished homes can relate to the rental period. It may be easier to stay longer in an unfurnished home because you can furnish and equip it completely to your own taste. The benefit of a furnished home on the other hand, is its flexibility. The home is quickly and conveniently ready to live in for a temporary period. A disadvantage is that the property includes an additional selection criterion; the furniture and contents will need to match your taste.

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