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Amsterdam is still very much in demand as a business location for international companies. These companies often attract employees from abroad; the so-called expats. These employees need to live somewhere. However, it is not always easy to manage your own rental process. There are many rules involved and how can you be sure that you will find a reliable tenant?


In setting a property rental price, supply and demand for rental accommodation is of course important. Your personal circumstances and applicable laws and regulations are of equal importance. A good rental agent has an eye for the total picture and helps you when looking for the right tenant and achieving a good rental price. Renting out your home begins when making an appointment with us to arrange an inspection of your property. This will clarify immediately if it is possible to rent out your home and what price range will apply.


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Ever since 1976, we have been the preferred real estate agent when it comes to renting and leasing luxury, decorated and/or furnished living spaces in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem- Amsterdam and 't Gooi. We are most happy to be of service with the sale or purchase of your home. You will always be guided by an expert broker, and you will benefit from optimal and personal guidance.

We connect tenants and landlords and guide sellers and buyers. We predominantly do this for international companies and their temporary (foreign) staff; so-called expatriates. Individual expatriates who get less support from their employer can also call on our services.